Backyard Design Tips From Scotland

The design of the Scottish garden can be a challenge. When it is not raining, it is dark and cold. Moss eats her grass and the mold covers the cobblestones. The wind hits the plants in pots and sitting outside in the climate seems useless, if it is not crazy. So, how can you create garden rooms in Glasgow and west of Scotland that are not a waste of time and money? Here are some tips to get that additional space that you have been looking for.

Where are the natural shelters?

Topiaries and coverage not only add privacy, but can help block the effects of dominant winds. Create a comfortable microclimate with the shelter provided by coniferous hedges and other thick and bushy plants. Beware that you do not infringe on the neighbors, if you want a peaceful life, though! And pay attention to the shading of your other plantation and good sitting places. Using small niches to provide a dry or sheltered part of your Scottish garden will increase your probability of wanting time there. Create these spaces with high plantations, awnings, large garden umbrellas, even brick and stone walls. Have a cushioned seat or a laptop fire near for heat and comfort.

Find the sunlight.

First you need to know where your light and shade are in the park. What time is the patch of land getting the most sun can make a difference between a healthy flower bed, or swamp. Look for natural instructions, such as the appearance of moss and how dry the ground is after one or two days of the sun. Knowing this will help guide your planting.

Make sure it is hassle free to enter your garden. If you have a nice little place you would like to go for drinking your coffee in the morning sun, make sure you can get there easily. If you have to open a sticky door or a maneuver around abandoned toys your kids dropped or cross the soggy grass, you will feel less inclined to go out.

It’s always good to have a plan, but if you don’t follow maintenance, your garden can look sad and overlooked very fast. So if Sunday yard work is not your thing, get a low-care alternative, such as gravel or grassland wildflowers instead. If you are a fair weather gardener, don’t get plants that need a lot of pruning and care, choose a beautiful but easy choice.

Ask the center of your local garden for advice and don’t forget to check for attractive offers on plants and outdoor solutions.