Chapter 1 - Stated Meetings 1884

Stated Meeting of 28 February was opened as they had two Stated Meetings a month, the second and last Saturday of each month. The special committee on procuring the jewels asked for more time and it was granted. It was moved and seconded to appoint a committee to procure a Sentenal for their hall and to contact the Odd Fellows Lodge for an O.K. as they shared a Lodge Hall and divided the rent.

Lodge met 28 March for the Stated Meeting with the eight officers present and B.F. Coglan, member, they also had Brother W.L Kizziar from Mammouth Springs Lodge No. 478.

The committee on the petition of Mr. B.F. Milton reported favorable, committee discharged, and ballot was clear. It was moved and seconded that a committee be appointed to contact Brother Clark in regard to building a hall for the lodge soon, estimate the cost of same, and report at next meeting. Brothers B.F. Witherspoon, A.H. Elder, and W.A. Brundage were appointed to the committee.

Lodge met 25 April 1885 in Stated Meeting with all eight officers present. The committee on the Lodge Hall reported they needed more time and it was granted. It was moved and seconded that we propose to rent a hall from Brother W.H. Hale in connection with the Odd Fellows. Motion sustained. Brother Brundage asked to be removed from the committee on the new hall. Request granted. It was moved that the lodge procure a writing desk, sustained. An Entered Apprentice Lodge was opened and the First degree in Masonry was conferred upon Mr. B.F. Milton. This was the Midlothian Lodge's first degree and candidate.

Mrs. Lillie Raines is 101 years old in Pleasant Manor Nursing Home and is a granddaughter of B.F. Milton.

The Milton farm was purchased from the Milton heirs, who still lived on the land, by Gifford Hill Co. in 1965 for the cement plant. R.K. Milton a son, and John Milton a grandson were members in later years.