Chapter 1 - Stated Meetings 1894

Stated Meeting on 20 January 1894. A notice from the finance committee that the Hall Company was going from three dollars to five dollars a month rent beginning 1 February 1894. A petition was received for 1st degree from T.H. Newton, grandson of Larkin Newton an 1848 pioneer family and builder of our log cabin.

Stated Meeting 19 May 1894 - A petition from R.K. Milton was approved by committee. The hall committee reported they have rented the Brick Hall from Brother Kimmel for seven dollars a month for one year. A contract was signed. Courthouse records show lot 6 - part of 7 - block 16. This is our old lodge over Webb's store.

Stated Meeting on 19 June 1894 - The officers were elected for the ensuing Masonic year. After conferring an E.A. degree and a Masters degree it was moved and seconded that a Called Meeting for four p.m. on our next Stated Meeting date for the purpose of installing the officers for the next Masonic year. The new two-story brick building was built in 1893-94.

Called Meeting at four p.m. 14 July 1894 for the purpose of installing the officers for the ensuing Masonic year. Brother W.J. Rhodes, Worshipful Master; Ed Lowe, Senior Warden; D.B. Coglan, Junior Warden; J.W. Gainer, Treasurer; Wm. Finley, Secretary; other officers same.

Stated Meeting 14 July 1894 7:30 p.m. - The contract on the rent of the brick building between J.C. Kimmel and the Midlothian Lodge was read and approved. They then balloted on S.J. Martin and S.D. Moore and proceeded to confer the E.A. degree on each. R.K Milton was examined on E.A. proficiency, was accepted to pass to Fellowcraft which they conferred. A bill was presented for two dozen chairs for fifteen dollars. W.A. Brundage and Ed Lowe for $2.50 for moving the lodge furniture from the hall to the new brick hall. Receipts for the evening of 14 July 1894 were $45.20.

Stated Meeting 11 August 1894 - The committee on petition of Mr. J.M. Lisdale reported unfavorable. Ballot was spread and he received seven black balls. E.A. conferred on Brother S.J. Martin. R.K. Milton examined in Fellowcraft, then ballot spread on Brother Milton was clear.

It is noted in the minutes that Brother R.K. Milton's father, Brother B.F. Milton, was the first Masters degree of the Midlothian Lodge in July 1885. Brother R.K. Milton is the first Masters degree conferred in the new lodge hall they were to occupy from 1894 to 1975. Attendance has increased from 10-14 to 22-25 in the new building.

Called Meeting 16 September 1894 for the purpose of conferring the Masters degree upon Brother S.J. Martin. Receipts were eleven dollars.

Stated Meeting 13 October 1894 - Worshipful Master W.J. Rhodes ordered every member in arrears with their dues to come forward and settle tonight or by next meeting night. Receipts for the evening were $32.75. The lodge regularly sent money to the college of Poly for needy students.