Chapter 1 - Stated Meetings 1895

Stated Meeting 1 June 1895 - A letter was read from the Waxahachie Lodge inviting our lodge to be on hand 4 July 1895 for the laying of the cornerstone of the new Ellis County Courthouse. Several brethren attended. The lodge elected officers for the ensuing Masonic year. To wit - W.J. Rhodes, Worshipful Master; C.E. Alexander, Senior Warden; S.J. Martin, Junior Warden. Receipts were eleven dollars.

Stated Meeting 6 July 1895 - A Masters degree was conferred on Brother P.P. Henson. A committee was appointed to see what we could rent a lodge hall for and report at next meeting. It was moved and seconded that the lodge employ Brother Sam R. Hamilton to come and instruct our lodge in the work, sustained. Brother Hamilton has a lodge named for him in Dallas and is the co-author of the Taylor-Hamilton Monitor. They hired the best. Visiting brothers from Mt. Peak Lodge No. 478, formerly named Mammouth Springs until 1893, W.K. Forbes, T.J. Dorsett, R.W. Dillard, H.H. Anderson, J.M. Stevens and W.H. Robinett.

Stated Meeting 3 August 1895 - It was reported they had Brother Hamilton for four days of Masonic School and several Mt. Peak brethren participated. The committee on renting a lodge hall reported that Midlothian Hall Company, their old meeting place, was available for five dollars a month and the brick building they were in was seven dollars a month due monthly. It was moved they table it for a month but lost. It was then moved and seconded that they stay in the Kimmel Hall, sustained. A bill for fourteen dollars from Brother Kimmel for past two months of last Masonic year. It was referred to the finance committee. Receipts were $4.38 for the evening.

Stated Meeting 3 November 1895 - The petition of Mr. W.H. Price was accepted and the E.A. degree conferred in due and ancient form.

Stated Meeting 30 November 1895 - A bill was read for twenty-eight dollars rent due J.C. Kimmel and was referred to the finance committee.