Chapter 1 - Stated Meetings 1886

Stated Meeting 27 March 1886 - A motion was made that the lodge change regular meetings from the second and fourth Saturdays of the month to the forth Saturday of each month, sustained.

Stated Meeting 25 September 1886 - The committee on building a new lodge building reported progress. The money could be obtained to build or buy a new lodge hall. The lodge voted to let the committee proceed with plans to buy or build a house for the lodge. It was moved and seconded to procure a bible for the lodge's own. That bible is in the glass display in the lobby of our lodge, copyright 1883.

Stated Meeting 27 November 1886 - The committee on procuring a new lodge recommended that the lodge form a stock company and purchase the building from Mr. Mandefelt (where John Few's building now is).

Stated Meeting 29 December 1886 - A motion made and seconded that the stock company to procure a lodge be recalled and the report of the building committee be disregarded and the committee discharged, sustained. A new committee was appointed to contact the Odd Fellows Lodge and arrange and collect for rent for two months as the lodge was to continue to rent the Mandefelt hall. The Midlothian Lodge had rented the Mandefelt hall and rented to the Odd Fellows for six dollars per month.