Chapter 1 - Stated Meetings 1888

Stated Meeting 23 June 1888 - After the minutes and regular business, dues were discussed and it was moved and seconded that all members over twelve months behind on dues be suspended, sustained. Dues are $2.60 a year. The lodge proceeded to elect officers for the ensuing Masonic year. To wit -

  • 1888
    • Brother W.J. Rhodes Worshipful Master
    • Brother J.W. Gainer Senior Warden
    • Brother Ed Lowe Junior Warden
    • Brother B.F. Witherspoon Treasurer
    • Brother J.M. Bickers Secretary
    • Brother D.B. Coglan Senior Deacon
    • Brother B.F. Milton Junior Deacon
    • Brother A.H. Elder Tiler

This is the first year to change all of the officers and move up. On 24 July 1888 the new officers were installed.

Stated Meeting 24 September 1888 - After regular business, a petition for the first degree in Masonry was read for J.C. Kimmel. It was moved and seconded that a committee be appointed to confer with Mr. Mandefelt to purchase the room below the lodge and report to lodge at the next meeting. Receipts for the evening were one dollar and seventy cents.

Stated Meeting of 24 October 1888 - The committee on the room (toilet) below the lodge had recommended that the lodge buy it. It was moved and seconded that they pay Mr. Stephson five dollars, carried. It was recommended that the lodge form a company and purchase the room. Request that Brother A.D. Witherspoon represent Midlothian at Grand Lodge this year, permission granted. A called meeting for next Thursday to confer the first degree upon Mr. B.F. Stephson. Receipts one dollar and fifty cents.