Chapter 1 - Stated Meetings 1891

Stated Meeting 28 March 1891 - Special committee majority report read and received, and committee dismissed. A letter from Grand Lodge was read and put on file. A bill for $209.50 for lodge rent on the hall was presented. Motion and second that a draft be drawn on the treasury and bill paid. It was moved and seconded that a committee of three be appointed to form a stock company among the members to purchase the hall. Brothers Brundage, Bickers and Gainer were appointed and to report at the next meeting. Receipts for the evening were $5.20.

Called Meeting on 6 June 1891 the object of the meeting that of forming a stock company for the purchase of the hall. Brother Bickers made a statement that what had been subscribed was about one hundred dollars short. After talking over our business the amount was subscribed. Brother Bickers was instructed to take notes for same.

Stated Meeting 23 August 1891 - After regular business the finance committee asked for more time on hall purchase, granted.

Stated Meeting 26 September 1891 - After minutes read, there not being a majority of the finance committee present it was moved that they be granted more time, which was granted by vote.

Stated Meeting 28 November 1891 - After regular business the finance committee not being able to make an intelligent report, asked for more time which was granted. The E.A. degree was then conferred on Dr. J.L. Barnett. Brothers Wylie Clark and and C.E. Alexander were examined for proficiency in the Entered Apprentice, Masters Lodge re-opened and voted on the examination, then both received their Fellowcraft degree.

Stated Meeting 27 December 1891 and the finance committee not having anything to report were given more time. Receipts for the evening were $14.90 after conferring the Masters degree on Brothers Wylie Clark and F. Harper.