Chapter 1 - Stated Meetings 1892

Stated Meeting 25 January 1892, after business an E.A. degree was conferred. C.E. Alexander was then examined in Fellowcraft, then the sublime degree of Master Mason conferred. A motion was made and seconded to insure furniture and find out what it would cost to repair furniture, also what two Fellowcraft pillars would cost, a chart and carpet and report to lodge. Receipts were $38.10.

Stated Meeting 27 February 1892 - Committee not ready to report on furniture or pillar asked for more time, granted. The Master degree was conferred on Brothers A.L. Sims and Dr. L.L. Barnett. They then conferred the Fellowcraft on Brother H.R. Love. Receipts were twenty-two dollars.

Stated Meeting 27 May 1892 - The Worshipful Master announced that all members who were twelve months in arrears with their dues to pay up or be suspended. The officers elected for ensuing Masonic year one-hundred years ago for 1892 are as follows: Brother J.W. Gainer, Worshipful Master; Ed Lowe, Senior Warden; C.E. Alexander, Junior Warden; W.A. Brundage, Treasurer; J.W. Bickers, Secretary; W.K. Love, Chaplain; F.P. Smith, Tiler; Wylie Thrash, Senior Deacon; R.E. Peeler, Junior Deacon; J.C. Kimmel, Senior Steward. The finance committee asked for more time on dues collection, granted.