Chapter 2 - Stated Meetings 1895

Stated Meeting 31 August 1895 - After regular business Worshipful Master W.J. Rhodes appointed Brother Wm. Finley, Ed Lowe, and P.P. Henson to a finance committee and discharged the old committee. It was then ordered by the Worshipful Master that the secretary read the by-laws aloud to the lodge. After which it was moved and seconded that the rent to Brother Kimmel and account to W. A. Brundage be paid and a draft be drawn for same, sustained.

Stated Meeting 31 December 1895 - After regular business, motion and second that all bills be allowed or paid, sustained. It was moved and seconded that a committee of two be appointed to try to find a suitable lot to build a new lodge hall and report at the next meeting, sustained. Many members disliked J.C. Kimmel.