History of the Lodge Chapter 1

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Sometime in the spring of 1884 the Mammouth Springs Lodge in the 19th Masonic district loaned Brother A.D. Witherspoon fifteen dollars to apply for a charter for a new Masonic Lodge in Midlothian, Texas.

There were several Master Masons in the Midlothian area. Brothers W.A. Brundage, John Bolt, B.F. Witherspoon, T.W. Boyett, G.S. Berry, J.L. Cater, F.S. Clark, A.W. Crawford, D.B. Coglan, B.F. Coglan, J.D. Custer, A.H. Elder, J.W. Francis, W.M. Finley, W.H. Patterson, W.H. Hale, E.P. Killebrew, Walter Knight, T.W. Lowe, J.G. Vinson, W.J. Rhodes, C.S. Smith, and F.O. Smith were charter members.There were twenty-four of the pioneer brothers.

These men were allowed to use the Odd Fellows Hall, a two story wooden building where our present City Hall now stands. They used this hall free several months in 1884 while planning and obtaining a charter 12 December 1884. The first Stated Meeting of Midlothian Lodge No. 584 was held 31 January 1885, when they elected officers, collected dues and organized.

The dues being $2.60 per year, most members paid $1.30 then and $1.30 by 24 June 1885. Several members paid sixty-five cents at each quarter, only one or two paid all at first.

District Deputy Grand Master of the 19th Masonic District J.C. Loggins proceeded to institute Midlothian Lodge No. 584 A.F. & A.M. in due form with the following officers installed.

  • Brother A.D. Witherspoon Worshipful Master
  • Brother J.L. Cater Senior Warden
  • Brother B.F. Witherspoon Junior Warden
  • Brother J.C. Vinson Treasurer
  • Brother William Finley Secretary
  • Brother John Bolt Senior Deacon
  • Brother W.A. Patterson Junior Deacon
  • Brother F.T. Smith Tiler

There were three brethren present, other than the officers, Brother W.A. Brundage, A.W. Crawford and Brother T.W. Lowe. After the installation of the officers, Right Worshipful J.C. Loggins gave a lecture on the duties of a Master Mason. After the lecture, Worshipful Master A.D. Witherspoon appointed Brothers J.C. Vincent, J.L. Cates ,and W.A. Brundage as a committee to procure aprons and such jewels as they thought proper. There were twenty-four charter members.

The second meeting of the Midlothian Lodge was 14 February. The lodge received their first petition for initiation from Mr. B.F. Milton. It was received and a committee was appointed, consisting of W.A. Brundage, J.C. Vinson and W.H. Patterson. The special committee reported they had procured the aprons and asked for more time to procure the jewels, request granted. Brother Brundage had hand made a wooden plumb, square and level, now on display in the glass display in the foyer.